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How do you establish fault for a red light motorcycle accident?

Red light motorcycle accidents| Missouri Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The outcome of a serious motorcycle accident is often catastrophic, leaving the rider severely injured and potentially disabled. Even defensive, responsible riders cannot avoid every accident: a surprising number of crashes occur while stationary—in front of traffic signals and stop signs.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a Missouri motorcycle accident, you could be entitled to significant compensation. However, before you can negotiate an insurance settlement or take a claim to trial, you need to show that the other motorist’s negligence caused or contributed to your injuries.

Red Light Motorcycle Accidents

Many drivers feel frustrated when sitting at a traffic light, especially if they are running late to work or coming home after a long day at the office. However, as exasperating as traffic lights may be, they serve a critical public safety purpose. If somebody speeds through a red light, they could cause a serious accident.

Why Motorcycle Accidents Happen at Traffic Lights

  • If a motorcyclist is stationary or coming to a halt at a red light or stop sign, they could be rear-ended by a distracted or reckless driver who does not “notice” their brake lights.
  • If the motorcyclist is proceeding through an open and green signal, they could be hit from the side by somebody running a red light.

Establishing Fault After a Missouri Motorcycle Crash

Missouri is an “at-fault” insurance state. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident that was not your fault, you have a legal right to claim compensation from the other driver’s insurance company. However, you must prove the other driver was negligent by showing four things.

Proving Negligence

  • The other driver owed you a “duty of care,” meaning they had a legal obligation to ensure your safety.
  • The other driver breached their duty of care.
  • The other driver’s negligence caused or contributed to your injuries.
  • You sustained compensable injuries that could be rectified through an insurance settlement or personal injury lawsuit.

Because insurance companies are for-profit businesses and can’t stay profitable if they provide accident victims with the maximum amount of compensation, an adjuster might sympathize with your injuries, they will likely look for any excuse to devalue or deny your claim.

Devaluing Your Claim

Missouri’s negligence-related laws might seem straightforward. However, the insurance company could try to devalue your claim, even if you seem to have an open-and-shut case.  

How Insurance Companies Devalue Your Claim

  • They say you were driving too fast or too slow for traffic conditions
  • They say the other driver acted prudently and could not have avoided the collision
  • They say you were riding your motorcycle recklessly and are at least partially responsible for causing the crash.

While it might not be fair, insurance adjusters, judges, and juries are often biased against motorcyclists. If the other driver claims that you were weaving in and out of traffic, accelerated rapidly after the light turned green, or braked unexpectedly, you might not receive a fair settlement.

An Attorney Can Help Prove Negligence

Beck & Beck Attorneys believes that nobody should have to pay the physical and financial price for another person’s poor decision. If you have been injured in a red light motorcycle accident that was not your fault, we can help you secure a fair and equitable settlement.

The Benefits of Having an Attorney

  • They can investigate the cause of your accident.
  • They can collect and analyze evidence of the other motorist’s negligence.
  • They can review your GoPro recording or subpoena surveillance camera footage.
  • They can interview any potential eyewitnesses. 
  • They can help you navigate the complexities of an insurance claim.
  • They can speak to the insurance adjuster on your behalf.
  • They can negotiate a settlement that covers the full extent of your physical, financial, and emotional damages.

Have You Been Injured In A Missouri Motorcycle Accident?

If you’ve been injured in a Missouri motorcycle accident you should speak with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact us online or call our office directly at 314.470.4928 to schedule a free consultation. We help car accident victims throughout the state of Missouri including Columbia, Springfield, Kansas City, St. Louis, Kirksville and Cape Girardeau.

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