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When I got into my wreck I called a couple of lawyers to take my case. I was young and helpless and didn’t understand why my life was flipped upside down for something I didn’t do. Paul was first and only one to give me hope and believe in me. I cannot thank Paul enough for everything he has done for me. He was amazing to work with and communicated every step with constant updates. Paul was absolute blessing in my life. I was knocked 4 steps back but Paul helped me take 6 these steps forward. Paul, for you I am forever thankful.

– Destiny K.

Steeleville, MO

My name is Jason B. I am a factory worker in a small town of about ten thousand people in Southern MO and as I was on my way to work on Sept 2nd, 2016, I was hit by a truck that ran a stop sign, over the next few days I really didn’t feel very well, so I went to see a doctor and it turned out that I had some very severe injuries. I didn’t know what to do, so I asked around and talked to friends, family and coworkers and by word of mouth, I found Beck and Beck law firm. At this point, my bills had started piling up and I was not able to work so I called Beck and Beck. I spoke with John Beck. He was great, the whole team was great, they worked very hard to get all my bills paid, and anytime I called them, they responded to me the same day, no leaving messages or voice-mails. They answered all of my questions. They are very professional people. They treat you with respect, so if you ever find yourself in the position where you need an auto injury lawyers out there these days, you need someone professional who is caring and respectful of your need then Beck and Beck are all of those things. I know I sure am glad that I called them because they took care of everything for me so I could concentrate on getting well.

Jason B.

Ava, MO

Dearest Paul,

I would love to give a testimonial of the great, caring and concerned staff that you have. None of you ever left me hanging. You are a great person and attorney, not too many attorneys return calls on weekends and while on vacations. I will always admire you, your thorough work and help you gave me to guide me through the hard times. When I had no one to turn to, you were my light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you,

Viola B.

Union, MO

We had a wreck on June 5, 2017. The insurance didn’t want to help and I had to have shoulder surgery s a result to my accident. Beck and Beck took my case. They were the only attorney out there that would. Even the infamous dude with all the “7’s” in his phone number denied helping us.

Beck and Beck kept us up to speed on every step of the way, We received our check when they said we would. I will use them if (God forbid) we ever need them again! Very professional and very down to earth.

Amber Ramirez

Sarcoxie, MO

Just a simple letter and a reminder of a haunting terrible accident brought Beck and Beck into my life. A few questions about what really happened and Paul Beck brought to my attention my rights as a “victim.” My insurance of over 35 years had not worked “for me” in fact they never believed me! They had blamed me and raised my rates! While I had trusted them to take care of me, being run of the road by a neglected driver (whom left the scene unscathed.) My vehicle was totaled and I with injuries that I would have to live with. Beck and Beck guided me through the steps to get my case reopened and the settlement I deserved. I have to admit, it was the most pleasant interaction I’ve ever had with an attorney and staff! Always courteous and “upfront” with what could and couldn’t be done. Always in touch and updating me through phone calls or emails. Bringing me to a closing of a haunting memory of a terrible accident and slightly wiser about my insurance! And I received a settlement that had been denied me by insurance a feeling like “winning the lottery!” All thanks to Beck and Beck!

Stephanie Daniels

Cedar Creek, MO

Beck and Beck Attorneys at law is great. They make me feel like family. I had got into a car accident at the age of 16 yrs. I called Beck and Beck told them my information about the car accident. I heard back from them in the same week. The team put in great work. They keep me updated, sent paperwork fast. They made sure that my needs were met. They even made sure I was able to receive my statement by the age of 18 yrs. Beck and Beck is a wonderful Law Attorneys. I rate them as a 5 star company. Thank you Beck and Beck.


West Plains, MO

I was referred to Beck and Beck in January 2017. From my first conversation with them until the last, they were extremely pleasant. They kept in touch to let me know how my case was coming along. I didn’t have to worry about anything, If I had any questions they were right there to answer them. My case was handled in a very professional manner from beginning to end and for that I am very appreciative. If ever needed I would highly recommend my family as well as my friends to Beck and Beck. In closing, I would like to thank you all for your help, your kindness, and your time as well.

Happy Holidays.

Ebony Peck

St. Louis, MO

Beck and Beck did an awesome job on my case. They answer every question I had and every time I called they returned my call in a timely matter. I am beyond pleased with the service they provided me and so thankful for them and their team. If I ever need help again, you better believe Beck and Beck are the ones I’m calling.

Great Job Guys

Tirzah O.

Carthage, MO

I was in an automobile accident on April 3, 2010. On February of 2011, I contacted Beck and Beck Attorneys at Law to see about getting a settlement from American Family Insurance for all of my medical expenses, etc. Beck and Beck got me a nice settlement within a few months of contacting them. I am so grateful I got in touch with them, and let them handle my case! I would highly recommend them to anyone out there searching for a great attorney! Thank you so much for successfully helping me in my time of need!

Delani C.

BlueSprings, MO

I am so pleased with the attorneys at Beck and Beck. Just when I thought all hope was lost, Beck and Beck took my case and even got me a nice check.

Thank you Beck and Beck.


Bonne Terre, MO

I Dorothy H. used Beck and Beck for my child Katie after an auto accident. They were very professional in handling our case. They did very good work on getting her the settlement she deserved for her injuries she sustained in the accident. I would highly recommend their services to anyone needing an attorney.

Dorothy H.

Park Hills, MO

I was in a hit and run accident Dec 2015, where I run over by a car and the car never stopped. I was injured in the accident and taken to the hospital. After getting out of the hospital, I got on Google and looked up “Best hit and run lawyer in Missouri,” there were approx 8 to 10 lawyers that came up. I called Beck and Beck law firm. A secretary answered the phone and was very polite and directed me to Mr. Paul Beck. I told him about my accident. He sent his investigator to my house. I filled out a little paperwork. I then stayed in contact with Mr. Beck by phone as he returned every phone call and had answers to every question. As we could not prove who had hit and run driver was, since my brother was at the scene of the accident, Mr. Beck was able to use his SR-22 insurance and I settled out with a check for $25000. To anyone needing a very good lawyer Beck and Beck would be the way to go without a doubt. They are very polite and respectful. Beck and Beck law firm is willing to help and change life as well as he did mine. Thank you Beck and Beck.

Shawn Faulkner

St, James, MO

On Sept 27th, 2016, I was in a motorcycle wreck. I spent almost 2 months trying to get a lawyer to take my case. Nobody would take case in Cape Girardeau MO. I tried in St. Louis MO. No Luck. Then I received a letter from Beck and Beck Law Firm from St. Louis. I called and spoke to Paul Beck for about 10 minutes on the phone, and he said I had a case, and he would represent me and he sent an assistant. Next day I signed a contract. Paul got right on it. He asked for some paper work. He kept in touch and updated on everything he did. In a little over a year, Paul Beck ha taken care of everything and WON my case. Paul Beck is a very good lawyer. I would use him again if I would ever have a problem again. I would recommend Paul Beck to anybody that need a lawyer. Paul Beck is the best lawyer I ever had. Paul was very kind and polite and very easy to work with and staff was great. Paul will do everything to win your case. Call today and get your money.

Pat S

Leopold, MO

Paul Beck Was My Attorney And He Was Awesome!!!! Very Professional And Patient With Me. He Communicated With Me Through-Out The Entire Process. With His Help And Knowledge I Received A Great Settlement Back Fast. I Was Satisfied With Everything! I Definitely Would Recommend Beck And Beck Law Firm To Anyone. Thank You Again.

Gloria Brown

Defiance, MO

Paul Beck at Beck and Beck helped me with legal services regarding my car accident when I was a teenager. Their ability to work with your financial situation, consistency in updating you with anything regarding the case and professionalism are the reasons I’d recommend Beck and Beck Attorneys at Law for anyone in a bind and seeking quality help!

Thank you for your help!

Alexis Williams

Doniphan, MO

Beck and Beck notified me after the wreck I was in and they completely took care of everything from then on out.

Wade A

Columbia, MO

Beck and Beck handled my case in a timely manner, kept me informed, took my calls when I had a questions, and settled my case better than I anticipated.

Mary M.

Springfield, MO

John and Paul use straight talk. They explained the process and answered all my questions. Someone answered the phone every time I called.

John and Paul did what they said they were going to do.

Brothers Beck are professional and treated me fairly.

Ronald S.

Lonedell, MO

I am writing to say Beck and Beck represented me in a case in 2009. I am happy to say they did a wonderful job. I was unable to get around after my accident and they come all the way from St. Louis to represent me and I will have to say they did an excellent job on my case. I would recommend these lawyers to every one.

Pamela C.

Salem, MO

The lawyers have excellent service. They help me through a difficult time. I highly recommend their services to anyone who needs a good lawyer.

Shirley Wartz

Arnold, MO

I appreciated the services of Beck and Beck and the time they spent on my case. It left me paying no medical bills out of pockets.

Ron Cowan

Warrensburg, MO

Beck and Beck did good job representing my son. Try them for attorney needs.

Victor Mitchell

Springfield, MO

The way John helped me out was not intended for a profit on my end, I just needed to get my life back to what it was before the crash. I didn’t know which way to turn. I called John and explained my situation. Without his help, I would have lost my right index finger and would have ended up owing medical bills over fifty thousand dollars. John got me to the surgeon that saved my finger after my doctors were going to amputate it. The finger is doing well now. I don’t have 100% use of it, but it sure is better than not having it. I am so happy that John handled my case. He changed my life. If I ever get in another wreck or know someone that is, I’ll be giving them John’s number.

Thank you again.

Joseph Kearns

Farmington, MO

I had an awesome experience. Mr. Beck was very professional and polite. The receptionist was awesome also. I would recommend this law firm to all my friends and family. They really cared about us and even took the time to speak with us after hours and weekends.

Sonya Hall

Poplar Bluff, MO

I was very pleased with their service. They worked quickly and got the job done. I would recommend this law firm to all my friends.

Sharon Jones

Perryville, MO

Beck and Beck Attorneys at law firm was very helpful with my auto accident. They were very courteous and answered all of my questions. They emailed to check up on how I was healing and feeling many times. Thanks for a great service.

Alison H.

They were very good on behalf of my wreck. I got my workmans comp and medical taken care of. Thank You.


Potosi, MO

Thank you for taking care of my husband with his accident. His medical and workmans comp handled on time and professional.

Peggy W.

I want to say your company has done me very well. I have no complaint in fact I appreciate all your help , without it I would not of gotten what I did. What you did, you are very fair and honest. Thank you so much.

Anthony Bunnell

Unionville, MO

This firm did a great job on my case. They educated me also on the in’s and out’s of how things work with my case.

I would highly recommend Beck and Beck Attorney at Law and I have already recommended many people to them. Thank you for your help.

Great Job. May you’ll continue to help people like me.

Donna Lofton

St. Louis, MO

My experience with your law firm was extremely professional and expedious. It was extremely refreshing to deal with a firm that was highly professional and hassle free. I have dealt with some law firm over the year, but yours was the most pleasurable. I would truly recommend your firm to anyone seeking satisfaction with a smile. Thank for a job well done!!!!

Frank Love

St. Louis, MO

My case was not a large case, but I was treated as though it was. John and Paul Beck communicated directly with me. I didn’t have to go through legal assistants. They kept me up to date with regular communications. They provided objective advice that I used to make the decision that was best for me.

I couldn’t be more satisfied with the legal service I received from Beck and Beck. I highly recommend them.

David B.

My experiences with Beck and Beck was great. They were very friendly and helpful with my case. Honestly, I did not think it would move as smoothly as it did. They was even able to give me a loan on my settlement that was tax free. Their service is definitely the one to choose if you ever have a accident. The loan helped pay my bills while I was recovering. I really appreciate how fast and friendly they are so I’ll always recommend using Beck and Beck.

Once again, thank you for you guys help.

Chris Beck

Sikeston, MO

Beck and Beck took care of everything for my husband and me while we were recovering from a serious car accident. They were prompt in returning calls and texts, easy to communicate with, and worked hard on our behalf. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of an accident attorney.

Madelyn Lenhardt

Fredericktown, MO

I was in a car accident when I was pregnant with my second child what I thought was a minor fender-bender turned into multiple visits to my OB, visit a chiropractor and mustering my way through work in pain. I was referred to Beck and Beck to help with the legal side of my injuries. I’m so glad I did. Not only did they make sure my side of the story was heard and I was fairly compensated for the pain and anxiety I had during the pregnancy. In the end, I had a beautiful baby boy with no complications from the accident. I’m so glad I had Beck and Beck by my side the entire time. I 100% recommend to anyone that is injured in an accident (even if it is minor) to hire Beck and Beck to ensure you are fairly compensated and you are not taken advantage of by the insurance company.

Stacey B.

St, Peters, MO

When my daughter had her vehicle accident, we had no idea where to go. Our oldest daughter, Rachel told us about Beck and Beck. They took care of everything. They got us all the help we needed. We did not have to do a thing. The settlement was fast and paid all our needs. If someone needed an attorney, we would point them to Beck and Beck.

Enclosed is pictures of the car my 14 year old daughter was in. She was in the back seat, the police said that the highest speed they topped was over 120 miles per hour. They lord was with her and protected her.

Dorothy and Vicki Pearm

Republic, MO

I chose Beck and Beck after speaking to several lawyers regarding my auto accident. Paul Beck is awesome! I can nor say enough good about him- nothing bad at all! He cares about you and does everything he can to make sure you receive the treatment you need. He took care of everything from insurance to doctors and hospital. He wanted me to focus on getting better and not stress of everything else. He was always available for any questions and if I did leave a voice mail or sent an email, he responded immediately. I would definitely recommend Beck and Beck for their auto accident expertise and genuinely caring for you as a person.

Laura S.

Cassville, MO

I chose Beck and Beck after speaking to several lawyers regarding my auto accident. Paul Beck is awesome! I can nor say enough good about him- nothing bad at all! He cares about you and does everything he can to make sure you receive the treatment you need. He took care of everything from insurance to doctors and hospital. He wanted me to focus on getting better and not stress of everything else. He was always available for any questions and if I did leave a voice mail or sent an email, he responded immediately. I would definitely recommend Beck and Beck for their auto accident expertise and genuinely caring for you as a person.

Laura S.

Cassville, MO

Beck and Beck changed my life. They were very professional. They were a lifesaver and very assuring. They were honest, helpful and treated me like a family member. They contacted me frequently with updates on my case and checked on my well-being. I felt I could depend on them because they were there for me like family. They answered all of my questions and concerns with no hesitation. I never had to worry about them working on my case because of their frequent contact. They changed my life for the better and made a positive impact on it. I highly recommend Beck and Beck and will never hesitate to contact them if I ever need them again. They will be my attorneys for life. May God continue to bless and keep them.

Aundria Haymer

St. Louis, MO

I was involved in a partial head on collision around July 27, 2015. I was the passenger. There was so many advertisements coming in the mail, but none of them felt friendly and welcoming until I received info from Beck and Beck. When I called them I immediate felt at ease and they would take care of everything I needed. They were so friendly and very helpful. Beck and Beck worked with the insurance company and the hospital. They were able to get my bills cut way down so I would have more money coming to me.

I was so pleased with Beck and Beck that i have recommended them to several people including a family member who was involved being rear ended. They had her case and took very good care of her.

I highly recommend Beck and Beck they treat you with the utmost respect. Scale of 1-10, I give them a 100 plus.

Paula Christoffer

Shelbquille, MO

Beck and Beck handled my case I felt relief. Finally lawyers I trusted to work for me for the settlement I deserved. Beck and Beck were thorough in handling my case. They instructed me on how to answer questions when they were not present. Beck and Beck explained each step and process as to why they needed to obtain certain information. I was informed of my case often. They gladly answered all my questions and concerns that dealt with my case. Overall, I highly would recommend Beck and Beck if you want honest lawyers who truly care for the people they represent. If I ever end up in a situation needing legal help, they will be my first and only call.

Olivia Click

St. Louis, MO

You all are the BEST!!! I first contacted you online and within 30 minutes I got a phone call. This was on a Sunday!! We signed on with you to take our case from our accident. You kept us informed with any new details and kept us in the loop. You were more than a lawyer you were a friend. We were very pleased with our experience with you and highly recommend you to all of our family and friends!! Thank you all so much for everything!! God Bless

Sheila Penn

Hannibal, MO

I have had these great people handle several things for me and have been more than happy with the performance and timely results of every case. Would highly recommend them to handle any need you may have. They are and have been my go to friends for many years to handle things for me.

Will B.

Perryville, MO

Beck and Beck were easy to work with. They got my case resolved with insurance company pretty quick. I was happy with the outcome.

Awais Khan

Kanas City, MO

I was very happy with the services I got from Beck and Beck. They handled everything about the claim. Just had answer some questions at the beginning of my service then within the few months, they contacted me about what was going on. Keeping me in the loop about everything with the insurance company. Using Beck and Beck was so easy and very fast. I couldn’t believe it. Didn’t take very long at all. I thought it would be at least a year, it only took a few months. I want to thank everyone at Beck and Beck for making the process easy and very fast.

Thank you so much!!

Blake Sloan

Sikeston, MO

Best call you can make after an accident very quick response from their team…it was a blessing to get in contact with John Beck.

Highly recommended!!!

Dipanjan N.

Carthage, MO

Beck and Beck,

It’s not a game to Beck and Beck. They stay on TOP of things so you won’t have to worry about the bills, pain. They don’t have time for games. They work together with you

Stanley Steinmetz

Holt Summit, MO

I was greatly appreciative of Beck and Beck. They done everything possible to win my case and did so!! I will use them again if needed.

Thomas Rickey

New London, MO

I felt comfortable right for the start talking with Beck and Beck. They explained what I needed to know about my case. I was kept informed about what was going on with my case. They made it nice so I never had to worry. If I had questions about my case, or anything. They was always willing to speak with me. I would recommend them to everyone. It was as pleasant as it could be. I never got upset anytime you just have to be patient. It take time to gather information.

Bille Brown

Troy, MO

Were very professional and produced positive results quickly and efficiently. It was great to have them on my side in my time of need.

Levi Carlson

Camdenton, MO

I thank you Beck and Beck for your service you all took care of my case fairly and I truly appreciate that cause really they didn’t want to give me anything but you all made something happen and it was right on time. It really helped me out that day. I thank you Beck and Beck and if needed I will feel free to call. Thanks again. Happy Holidays.

Sylvia Howard

St. Louis, MO

Beck and Beck sent an assistant to my house to speak with me. I live 90 minutes from St. Louis and having a broken hip and ribs, it was nice not having to leave my house. Very polite and respectable attorneys who kept us informed.

Thomas Abernathy

Fredericktown, MO

Beck and Beck handled my auto accident case with expedience and professionalism. I was very happy with the job they did. The lawyers at this firm care and it shows Beck and Beck walked me through the entire process and made sure I was informed on all matters. Thanks Guys.

Charles Orr

St. Louis, MO

I highly recommend them to anyone that’s been hurt in an automobile accident. They stayed on top of my case and kept me informed of everything going on. They always answered my calls whenever I had any questions about anything. And they got me a lot more money than I would’ve received had I not hired them. And they did it all in a timely fashion. They know the law and they know how to get things done right and fast. One of the best decisions I ever made hiring them.

Cindy C.

Blue Springs, MO

Great people went the mile in helping to get things right!!

Roger Mason

Ovensville, MO

I am pleased to be a client and was pleased with your service you gave me. I thank you very much.

Catherine Kay

Potosi, MO

Beck and Beck got me a fair amount for me and helped me with paying my hospital bill. They’re fair with both parties involved in the accident. Thank you Beck and Beck!

Lanor Lyons

Grant City, MO

Beck and Beck assisted our family when the insurers involved became obstinate and worked determinedly to reduce the claim to the point at which the auto could not adequately be replaced nor time taken to conduct an adequate replacement search. It was a relief to turn over all the stonewalling and posturing from the insurance reps to Beck and Beck.

Tricia Horn

Warrensburgh, MO

Beck and Beck did exactly what I asked them to do! John was always available to speak with. I never had to speak to an assistant. He explained everything to me in terms I understood and my case was settled in just a few short months!

Dawn M.

Holts Summit, MO

First I would like to say thank you for what you did for my family and myself.

Yes I will recommend you for an attorney to anyone who asked. You did a fine job for me and quick. I was planning on it taking 3 or 4 months to settle. Thank so much for you help and concern.

Beverly D.

Sparta, MO

Beck and Beck made my experience easy and hassle free. I was very pleased with their professional approach. I work a job with many hours and didn’t have to take any time off to get everything settled. I would recommend Beck and Beck to friends and family.

Taylor Welch

Ava, MO

I hired Beck and Beck law firm after my children and I where in a car accident, from the moment I talked with John Beck I knew he would handle everything for my case, he answered all of my questions and concerns and everyone at the office always went above and beyond to return any emails or calls with in the same day or next, this brought alot of peace of mind knowing they where always their for me and my family during this time, if your looking for a firm that does listen and care and won’t make you feel like a dollar sign then you should absolutely call Beck and Beck to handle your case you won’t regret it.

K. Prince

Eminence, MO

I would recommend Beck and Beck because they never ignore calls and they are quick at getting the settlement you want.

Tim Laird

Dexter, MO

On Sept 2nd, 2016, I was in a vehicle that was hit by a truck that ran a stop sign. I went to the hospital and got checked out. I had a lot of soreness, scrapes and bruises and a lot of medical bills and that is why I am so glad that I found Beck and Beck law. They took my case and worked very hard to get all my bills paid. I spoke with John Beck on several occasions and he was always kind, caring, and curious, so was everyone that I talked to there. I would recommend them to anyone that needs an auto injury lawyer. They are very professional and hard working, and they will work hard for you as well.

Julie B.

Pottersville, MO

I am very pleased with the way you handled my case and my settlement. If any of my family have an another case, I would hire you again. I think you done a very good job.

Thank you.

Billy Moreland

Paris, MO

You guys are top-notch. I’m considering getting myself a dog and I just might name him after ya all.


Neosho, MO

You are all so good and nice to me, and I love the way you took care of everyone. After it’s all over, you don’t forget us.

Thanks for caring!

Viola Beal

Queen City, MO

I loved everything about the firm. Fast.


Played out outstanding.

Jason Berge Jr

Pottersville, MO

After our car wreck, I was devastated since my family isn’t here. I was directed to a wrong lawyer, who had no idea, how much to ask for, even how much the case is worth. John Beck is excellent in replying email. He introduced us to a plastic surgeon, who gave me estimated cost of the scar. He is fast, amazing and smart. He is a reliable lawyer and understands students. He is the best lawyer in town!

Naima P.

Cape Girardeau, MO

Beck and Beck were referred to us by Brown and Croupon. Our case was handled fast and we were very happy for their help. We would recommend them, John B. to anyone both firms.

John S.

St. Louis, MO

I would use and recommend them to anyone! Excellent lawyers who fights for his clients and truly care and listens.


Cadet, MO

Being in an accident is shock enough. All the unknown or unforeseen, things that arise as a result of an accident are things that an attorney can help one through.

Paul Beck of Beck and Beck Attorneys at law has been a very much needed, help in navigating through the problems stemming from the accident. I very highly recommend Paul Beck of Beck and Beck Attorneys if anyone is involved in an accident.

Sharon F.


I liked working with Beck and Beck.

It was simple on my part.

Took some of the stress off my shoulders.

Kind and easy to work with.

Bill E.

Beaufort, MO

I thank Beck and Beck Law Firm for the great assistance that they done for me in making the settlement for me.

A special thank to Paul Beck for the doctor he recommend me to. They were very hospitable in their hospitality and treatment.


St. Louis, MO

They got me approximately $9000. Without their help, my car insurance company would never have paid. The Becks went out of their way to call and inform me of my case. In less than six months, I received a check thanks to their knowledge of the legal system. I’ve already referred them to a friend that was in a wreck. Thank you!

Beth Brown

Van Burern, MO

I greatly appreciate Beck and Beck. I was in a lot of pain. I was able to get my medicine for my back because of my injuries in the wreck. In the end, the other insurance company laughed at me and said they couldn’t help me. Beck and Beck took over. Paul Beck got me the help I needed. I really appreciate all the work he has done. I recommend Beck and Beck to anyone.

John Green Jr.

Hayti, MO

Beck and Beck did a good job for me when I had a wreck. Got me a good settlement.

Thank you Beck and Beck.

Linda Johnson

Benton, MO

The entire process with Beck and Beck was extremely smooth from the initial contact I made to them all the way to the settlement was seamless. During the deposition phase, they gave me clear guidance that made me feel completely comfortable while being interviewed by the opposing side. My settlement was fair. I would absolutely use Beck and Beck in the future and recommend them to others.

Chad Trollope

Wright City, MO

I had a very good experience with Beck and Beck Attorneys At Law.

I was treated with respect and was kept informed as things progressed.

The deposition was smooth and I felt as though the company attorney had my interest at heart. He never let the opposing teams got the best of me during the deposition. He spoke up frequently.

My attorney was very proactive and kept my feeling positive.

Professional at all times.

Joyce Valentine

St. Louis, MO

We came to Beck and Beck looking for help and that’s what John did. I was in a car accident and wasn’t sure what to do after my accident. My family and I moved away from Missouri, but Beck and Beck didn’t stop trying to say they can help. I called John Beck and he said he was more than willing to help me and family. There was times I was so worried about paying bills that John pointed us to a company to help and if there was ever a time I need him to call him and he would see what he could do. At one point, my mother was sick and I had to move back. John asked what he could do, I asked him to see if the loan company can help me. He called and made it happen. After that, John made a point to get my case settled, but for what was due and not for any less. I would recommend John of Beck and Beck to anyone needing help.

Jarrid Brumley

Clearmount, MO

After Carol was injured in a serious car crash several years ago, we contacted Paul Beck. Paul and his brother John were extremely helpful in guiding us through the maze of medical bills and legal forms we received regarding the crash.

They spent time with us to explain our legal options and financial responsibility as Carol went through her recovery and rehab. This was new and very disturbing for us, so we had plenty of questions and concerns we dealt primarily with Paul, who was always available to explain each step above the way.

We would and do highly recommend Beck and Beck.

Paul O.

Mehlville, MO

Beck and Beck was there from the being and they did everything they said at less once a week to keep me informed about my case. Beck and Beck seen me getting to the chiropractor they listen to my concerns. Beck and Beck was there in need. They put worries to rest and they even call after my case was over to make sure that me and my family was alright. I will always feel ok with Beck and Beck because they care. I will send friends, family to Beck and Beck Law Firm.

Thank you John and Paul Beck.

Charlotte Howard

St. Louis, MO

I am a former client of the Beck and Beck Law Firm. I had the honors of being represented by Paul Beck and his assistant. My case was for an accident injury from a vehicle. Mr. Beck called and kept me informed about my case on a regular basis. I was never left in limbo and wondering because they kept me informed. This firm was the absolute best and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend for any legal matters that could arise. By the way, I love my new insulated tumbler I received a as gift.

Annitta R.

Fair Grove, MO

I am grateful for Beck and Beck Law Firms diligent work. They treated me great, always courteous and prompt with information about my case. They fought with the hospital and insurances to get my bills settled. I would have never been able to do that with my traumatic head injury. I am forever grateful for Beck and Beck!


Advance, MO


“I want to thank both of you
for your legal representation. As the attorney for my auto accident, my claim was handled professionally and efficiently. The settlement was larger and received sooner than I anticipated. I have even referred my clients to Beck & Beck, because I know they will be treated as I was treated. I trust Mike and John to effectively handle any future claims against insurance companies that my clients or I encounter.”

Tony Vierling

“My case was settled very quickly
I called John Beck’s office about a month after my car accident. I had made several calls to other lawyers and was not impressed.

Talking to John, I immediately got the feeling that he was a friendly, sincere, hard working lawyer. He explained how the process worked and what I should expect. Never did I feel like he was in this just for himself.

What really impressed me the most about John was whenever I called or e-mailed, I received an immediate response.

My case was settled very quickly. The best thing about it was that John took care of everything, and I didn’t have to get the run around from the insurance adjusters.

I would highly recommend John Beck and his firm.”

Peggy E.

“If I had to do this all over again I would call Beck and Beck right away
When I first contacted Beck and Beck I was overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do.
I talked with John and he said that he could take care of everything for us. I was concerned about him going up against a big insurance company, but a few months later we won our case for the full policy limits.

John and his staff took care of everything for us. Any time I had a question; John always returned my call right away and answered them for me.

If I had to do this all over again I would call Beck and Beck right away. I would recommend them to anyone”

Tony S.

“I loved working with Beck and Beck
John was able to make me feel comfortable and well taken care of throughout the entire process of my case. I had been referred to John after over a year of wasted time with another law firm that did nothing with my case. Within ten minutes of meeting John, I was confident that my case was in the right hands. I found him to be very knowledgeable about spinal injuries and well equipped to handle my case, start to finish. He referred me to an excellent spinal surgeon and was able to get me an earlier appointment with the surgeon through his professional relationship with the office. My case was quickly settled for the full policy limits because of John’s diligence. He was also able to negotiate with health care providers on my medical bills to save me thousands of dollars. I wouldn’t trust anyone other than John Beck with another personal injury case and I highly recommend him to anyone needing assistance.”

Marjorie S.