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“I was in a hit and run accident Dec 2015, where I was run over by a car and the car never stopped. I was injured in the accident and taken to the hospital. After getting out of the hospital, I got on Google and looked up “Best hit and run lawyer in Missouri,” there were approx 8 to 10 lawyers that came up. I called Beck & Beck law firm. A secretary answered the phone and was very polite and directed me to Mr. Paul Beck. I told him about my accident. He sent his investigator to my house. I filled out a little paperwork. I then stayed in contact with Mr. Beck by phone as he returned every phone call and had answers to every question. As we could not prove who the hit and run driver was since my brother was at the scene of the accident, Mr. Beck was able to use his SR-22 insurance and I settled out with a check for $25000. To anyone needing a very good lawyer, Beck & Beck would be the way to go without a doubt. They are very polite and respectful. Beck & Beck law firm is willing to help and change life as well as he did mine. Thank you Beck & Beck.”

Shawn Faulkner, St. James, MO