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What should I do if I’m hurt by a reckless driver?

Missouri Auto Accident Attorneys Define Reckless Driving and Damages

Negligent or improper driving is generally considered to be dangerous but unintentional, accidental, or not recognized by the motorist as dangerous. However, reckless driving is when someone gets behind the wheel and shows no regard for safety or ignores the consequences of their behavior. 

At Beck & Beck Attorneys, we understand just how challenging it is to recover from a collision that wasn’t your fault. However, proving reckless driving takes the right evidence and skilled legal maneuvering to hold the at-fault party financially responsible for the injuries and damage they caused. Here’s how we can help you.

Reckless Driving Examples 

Although Missouri doesn’t have a law that specifically defines reckless driving, state laws clarify that some actions are “careless and imprudent”—especially when a motorist knows what they’re doing is unsafe and doesn’t care. Here are some common behaviors.

Distracted Driving

This happens for many reasons including:

  • Driving while texting or on the phone
  • Focusing on GPS while driving
  • Adjusting music or other car settings
  • Interacting with passengers
  • Grooming, changing clothes, or applying makeup

Ignoring Traffic Laws

Failing to adhere to posted rules typically involves:

  • Racing other people
  • Exceeding the speed limit by 20 mph or greater
  • Failing to stop at red lights or stop signs
  • Passing a school bus that has its lights flashing

Driving Aggressively

This behavior frequently occurs when the person is angry or frustrated, and they’ll: 

  • Tailgate
  • Weave in and out of traffic
  • Use the shoulder to pass
  • Cut off other drivers
  • Yell, honk, demonstrate inappropriate gestures, and flash headlights
  • Brandish a weapon
  • Ram into other vehicles
  • Run away from law enforcement 

Driving Under the Influence

If a motorist is drunk or under the influence of drugs, this is also considered reckless. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that “in every state, it’s illegal to drive drunk, yet one person was killed in a drunk-driving crash every 39 minutes in the United States in 2021.” 

Additional Factors

When a case is brought before a court on the grounds of careless and imprudent driving, the following factors are often taken into consideration as to how they contributed to the behavior:

  • Weather
  • Time of day
  • Presence of people or animals
  • Qualities of the vehicle
  • The motorist’s familiarity with the area where they were driving

Common Injuries Caused by Imprudent or Careless Driving

Victims of reckless driving crashes often experience a wide range of injuries including, but not limited to:

Economic and Non-Economic Damages for Reckless Driving Accidents

Working with knowledgeable car accident attorneys like the team at Beck & Beck means you’ll have skilled guidance to assess potential damages you’re eligible to recover. Your claim might include: 

  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation
  • Lost wages
  • Decreased or lost earning capacity
  • Quality of life
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Punitive damages in extreme circumstances

How Missouri Car Accident Attorneys Beck & Beck Can Help

If you were harmed by a reckless driver, don’t delay in seeking justice and fair compensation. At Beck & Beck, we specialize in representing Missouri car accident victims, so we’re well-versed in essential aspects of personal injury law.

Here’s how we relieve you of the burden of building a case so you can focus on your health and recovery.

  • Help you avoid common mistakes that could hurt the case.
  • Gather statements from witnesses and other drivers.
  • Arrange for testimony from expert witnesses.
  • Collect physical evidence from the scene of the collision.
  • Take photos of the crash scene, damage, and injuries.
  • Request photo and video surveillance from nearby cameras.
  • Allocate the right medical records that pertain to your injury claim.
  • Provide advocacy and legal representation during insurance or legal proceedings.
  • Handle all insurance company negotiations to help ensure a proper settlement.

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