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What if I can’t afford to see a doctor after my motorcycle accident?

Catastrophic injuries are common in serious motorcycle accidents, and those injuries can bring financial difficulties you might not expect. If you don’t have enough funds on hand to cover expensive medical care, there are still options available to avoid financial disaster.

Methods for Covering Medical Bills After a Missouri Motorcycle Accident Injury

Paying medical bills after a bike crash | Missouri Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The high cost of medical care highlights the importance of quickly contacting a qualified Missouri motorcycle accident attorney after your crash. A lawyer on your side can be a huge help navigating your vehicle insurance policy and working out a payment agreement with your medical provider.

Your lawyer can go through your insurance policy, as well as the policy of the at-fault party, to help you understand what is and isn’t covered. More importantly, your legal representative can handle communication with insurance adjusters.

There is a significantly higher chance of obtaining compensation if a legal professional handles those negotiations. An attorney is also necessary to control what medical records are released to the insurer and offer advice on how to use social media to prevent problems with recovering damages.

Options for Covering Motorcycle Accident Medical Bills Before Filing a Lawsuit


The specifics of your policy may vary and generally will only cover your costs after funds from Med Pay or a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claim have been exhausted.


If you are unable to work due to the motorcycle accident injury and lose your job, you may qualify for this federal and state-run program that covers health insurance costs for people with low income.

Med Pay

This alternate coverage, which usually has to be bought before the accident, can cover things such as ambulance costs and other medical expenses up to a specific dollar amount.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

You may need to file this type of claim under a no-fault insurance plan to cover medical costs.

The single most important thing to understand is that you should never delay seeking medical treatment, even if you have financial concerns. A payment or forgiveness plan can be worked out with the hospital. Your financial recovery hinges on having clear documentation of when the injury occurred, how it was sustained, and how it has impacted your life.

If you don’t go to the ER after a motorcycle crash or don’t follow your doctor’s orders because of financial concerns, you may lose out on recovering the compensation you desperately need.

Why You Need an Attorney After an MO Motorcycle Crash

When insurance doesn’t cover all your costs, and there was clear negligence, you may also need to file a personal injury lawsuit. A personal injury lawyer can look into the specifics of the case by performing an in-depth investigation. That investigation is needed to:

Acquire All Available Evidence

Video and photographic evidence are important, but there are other crucial pieces of evidence. Your attorney may need to determine if the other driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs or was engaged in negligent behaviors such as distracted or drowsy driving.

Establish Liability

Every crash is different, and the liable party may not always be the first person you suspect. While it is often the other driver, it could also be a negligent company or the manufacturer of a faulty vehicle part.

Value Damages

Using medical documentation and other sources to put a dollar value on your potential compensation is an important step in the process. Compensation may cover elements such as medical expenses, lost wages from missed work, and non-economic damages covering your pain or emotional suffering.

Have You Been Injured in a Missouri Motorcycle Accident?

If you’ve been injured in a Missouri motorcycle accident, you should speak with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact us online or call our office directly at 314.470.4928 to schedule a free consultation. We help car accident victims throughout the state of Missouri including Columbia, Springfield, Kansas City, St. Louis, Kirksville, and Cape Girardeau.

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