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What if a car accident makes my preexisting condition worse?

After a vehicle collision, it’s extremely common for people to discover that the health conditions they already had are worsened by the physical and emotional turmoil of the crash. Unfortunately, proving an aggravated preexisting condition in a Missouri car accident is tricky. Beck & Beck Attorneys offers these series of steps to follow to build a solid case for rightful compensation. 

Preexisting Conditions Frequently Made Worse by Car Accidents 

Aggravated Preexisting Condition | MO Car Accident Attorney

There are certain health issues that are compromised after you’re in a car crash including, but not limited to: 

After Your Car Crash: Steps to Take to Protect Your Aggravated Preexisting Condition Claim

You have just five years from the accident date to file a lawsuit or you risk exceeding Missouri’s statute of limitations. If you don’t file within this window, you’ll miss the opportunity to pursue justice and rightful compensation. If you’re dealing with additional complications as a result of the incident that wasn’t your fault, here’s what we recommend. 

Contact a Reputable Car Accident Attorney

The attorneys at Beck & Beck focus their practice on representing people in difficult situations like these. They rely on local medical experts to testify on your behalf and ensure that all of the documentation and paperwork are filed appropriately. They’ll also help create a solid strategy for your claim to avoid common mistakes

Secure the Right Documentation

The at-fault party isn’t responsible for symptoms you had before the accident, but new or worse symptoms that emerged following your collision injury might be eligible for compensation. The attorneys at Beck & Beck can assist you in determining what medical records detail the state of your condition prior to and after the accident.

Keep Your Medical History Private

Insurance companies make money if they avoid paying out on claims. An insurance adjuster will likely reach out to you for medical records because they want to prove your new symptoms were already part of your preexisting condition. There’s no way for an insurer to access your medical records unless you give them permission via a medical records release. So make certain that if you sign this form, you limit their access to records relevant to the accident. Otherwise, they can access your full medical history. 

In order to ensure you’re not tricked into releasing more information than you should, it’s a good idea to consult with an attorney from Beck & Beck. Our attorneys specialize in protecting people injured in car wrecks.

Avoid Recorded Statements 

Insurers are allowed to ask about your medical history and preexisting conditions—however, you’re not required to provide the information to them yourself. If an insurance adjuster asks you questions, they may record your answers and use something said to avoid paying you. Your attorney at Beck & Beck will confirm exactly what information is required for the claim and ensure it’s provided in a way that improves your ability to receive a proper settlement for your aggravated preexisting condition. 

How a Missouri Car Accident Lawyer at Beck & Beck Can Help 

Why should you hire the attorneys at Beck & Beck? They strive to protect your interests and help you efficiently maneuver through the legal maze by:  

  • Providing detailed answers to your legal questions.
  • Directing you to get complete medical treatment, even if you don’t have health insurance. 
  • Assigning proper value to your lawsuit to cover all potential economic and non-economic damages related to your aggravated preexisting condition.
  • Ensuring all your paperwork is in order and submitted promptly.
  • Extending access to client loans, if necessary.
  • Stopping an insurer from derailing your case by making sure it only has the information it’s entitled to.
  • Negotiating to reduce your hospital bills as much as possible.

Choose Beck & Beck When You’re Injured in an Accident

After being hurt in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you need a skilled, dedicated personal injury attorney to help ensure you receive all the compensation you deserve. The lawyers at Beck & Beck are here to help you navigate the complicated legal system and get your life back on track.

Beck & Beck is the only Missouri law firm that focuses entirely on Missouri auto accident cases. We have extensive knowledge of personal injury law, and clients can feel assured that they’ll receive excellent legal representation. If you’ve been injured in a Missouri car accident, contact us online, or call our office directly at 314-451-7586.