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How can I afford a lawyer after a Missouri truck accident?

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The Cost for a Missouri Truck Accident Lawyer Is an Expense That Pays Off

If you were involved in a truck accident, you might be wondering how you can afford to pay for a lawyer, and cover medical expenses, vehicle damages, and other expenses—all while you’ve probably missed out on income from being unable to work.

The simple truth is that hiring a lawyer might be the only way you’ll recoup your losses related to the crash. That’s why Beck & Beck’s truck accident lawyers try to make it easier for injured people to get the legal representation they need and deserve. 

Count on Beck & Beck to Help After Your Accident 

Missouri truck accidents can turn your life upside-down, leaving you injured and unable to work while unexpected bills flood your mailbox. Your recovery may be complete or it may still be ongoing. Filing a personal injury claim or a lawsuit may be the best recourse, and we’re ready to help. Here’s how we do it.

Free Consultation

Whenever an attorney offers a no-obligation initial consultation at no cost, take advantage of it.  This conversation allows us to learn about what happened so that we can quickly advise you about legal details and evaluate the chances of achieving a settlement. 

No Upfront Costs

If we accept your case, you don’t have to worry about hourly rates. We work on a contingency fee basis—this means that you don’t pay our attorneys unless we win your case. If this doesn’t happen, you’re still responsible for our firm’s administrative expenses related to pursuing your case. While these may total thousands of dollars, you’re not required to pay them until the case is closed. We’re transparent about all fees so there are no surprises.  

At Beck & Beck, we believe that financial concerns shouldn’t hinder the pursuit of justice and rightful compensation after a Missouri truck accident. Our unwavering commitment to our clients allows us to stand as a beacon of hope amidst the chaos, guiding you through the legal intricacies of securing compensation for your accident-related expenses with compassion and expertise.

Who Pays for My Attorney?

Typically in the U.S., each side pays for their legal representation. That’s why a percentage of your settlement is allocated to cover attorney costs. However, a few exceptions exist when the other party might be required to pay for your lawyer:

  • If laws dictate that the losing side pay for all legal fees. 
  • If there’s a contract requiring one party to be responsible for legal costs. 
  • If a court stipulates that one side pay all attorney fees in the name of justice and fairness.

Potential Consequences of Not Hiring an Attorney

You’re not required to hire a lawyer to represent you following a truck accident, but failing to do so can have serious and irreversible consequences. 

Your Claim is Denied

Most people aren’t familiar with the tricks insurance companies sometimes attempt to avoid making payments, so it’s easy for the average person to make mistakes in truck accident claims that lead to a reduced settlement or even no settlement at all. An inexperienced person can hurt their case in many ways by refusing medical care, posting on social media, or failing to track expenses.

Accused of Causing the Accident

Trucking companies and their insurance carriers don’t get rich by paying out settlements. If they can find a way to make it seem like the accident was your fault, they will probably try to do it. If you have an experienced lawyer looking out for you, they’ll provide evidence that refutes these accusations.

Accepting a Low Offer

It’s all too easy to take a settlement offer from the insurer that’s far less than what you deserve, simply because you’re ready to move forward with emotional, physical, and financial recovery. However, your truck accident attorney at Beck & Beck evaluates all economic and non-economic losses resulting from the crash, assesses a proper settlement threshold—and handles negotiations with the insurer so you don’t have to.

Missing Deadlines 

Managing daily life is difficult enough without the struggle of recovering from a serious injury. If you allow a lawyer to manage your case, they’ll meet all the various deadlines associated with your case so you don’t have to worry.

Failing to Identify All Defendants

There may be more than one responsible party who can be held accountable for your accident injuries. Your legal team’s goal is to identify all of them to make it easier to reach a fair settlement. 

Not Knowing Commercial Vehicle Regulations 

There are state and federal regulations the trucking company and others in the industry must follow that don’t apply to personal vehicles. If you don’t know what these are, you may fail to obtain important records which could greatly impact your case. It’s your attorney’s job to understand these rules and structure your case accordingly. 

When to Hire a Missouri Truck Accident Lawyer

In the stress and chaos that comes after an accident, it’s easy to miss important details or lose access to key pieces of evidence. Involving an attorney right away provides the advantage of ensuring everything is done correctly. Although the statute of limitations to file a car accident claim in Missouri is five years, the dedicated legal team at Beck & Beck won’t hesitate to start defending your best interests.

Choose Beck & Beck When You’re Injured in an Accident

After being hurt in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you need a skilled, dedicated personal injury attorney to help ensure you receive all the compensation you deserve. The lawyers at Beck & Beck are here to help you navigate the complicated legal system and get your life back on track.

Beck & Beck is the only Missouri law firm that focuses entirely on Missouri auto accident cases. We have extensive knowledge of personal injury law, and clients can feel assured that they’ll receive excellent legal representation. If you’ve been injured in a Missouri car accident, contact us online, or call our office directly at 314-200-1229.