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What should I do if a speeding truck driver causes my crash?

When you're injured by a speeding truck in Missouri you need a Semi Accident Lawyer

Imagine driving in your vehicle and being hit by a semi, especially one traveling over the speed limit. Very often, an accident caused by a speeding truck has catastrophic results. That’s why federal and Missouri state semi/trucking laws exist to help keep motorists safe. However, when those rules aren’t followed, and a truck driver breaks the law by speeding, that negligent behavior can cause a serious wreck. Whether you’re in St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield or anywhere in between, if you’re injured in a Missouri truck collision, there are several important steps to take to protect yourself financially and legally.

Take Action After a Speeding Truck Accident in Missouri

Following a speeding semi-truck collision, you may face a long recovery period and extensive medical bills. Your ability to recover financially from a catastrophic Missouri truck accident injury may depend on the quick action you take following the crash.  

Steps to Take After You’re Injured in a Truck Crash

  1. Call law enforcement. While your truck accident lawyer will eventually perform an investigation to determine if speeding was the cause of the crash, you still need local police to arrive on the scene and document the accident.
  2. Gather any evidence you can. Before departing the scene of the crash, make a point of documenting any details you can that may be useful later. If possible, take photos of the crash scene, and ask for contact details from any bystanders who witnessed the crash.
  3. Seek medical help as soon as you leave the scene. Don’t wait to see a doctor, even if you don’t think you are hurt badly after the wreck. Internal injuries are easy to miss, especially if your adrenaline is pumping from the collision. You also want to start documenting the costs and extent of your injuries.
  4. Talk to a truck accident lawyer. The single most important step you take after a big rig crash is to call a lawyer with experience in Missouri personal injury lawsuits. Beck & Beck Attorneys only focuses on Missouri auto accident injury cases, so you know you’ll be in the right hands if you call us.

How a Truck Accident Attorney Helps Protect Your Legal Rights After a Truck Crash

It’s important not to try and recover compensation on your own. There are a number of major stumbling blocks that can interfere with that recovery, and that’s why you need a lawyer to help you.

Benefits of Legal Representation

  • A lawyer will analyze and gather evidence. Your attorney can use details, such as accident scene reconstruction, employment logs, medical records, police reports, video footage, and other evidence, to argue your case in court or help you pursue an insurance settlement.
  • A lawyer will help you avoid possible pitfalls. Both the insurance adjuster and the at-fault party will likely try to reduce or deny your claim. They may take recorded statements out of context or use irrelevant past medical conditions to argue that you weren’t hurt in the wreck. A lawyer can help you avoid these potential problems.
  • A lawyer will identify the defendants. Finding the liable party who offers the best chance at a financial recovery is a crucial part of the process. Your lawyer assists by determining which person or party is responsible for your injury and liable for your damages, which could be the driver, the trucking company, or even someone else such as a mechanic or the loading crew.
  • A lawyer will meet deadlines. Court, insurance, and statute of limitation deadlines have to be met to protect your chances of financial recovery.
  • A lawyer will value the damages in your case. Your attorney ensures that all of your costs are considered either by an insurance carrier or a jury in a personal injury case.

Possible Damages

Every accident is different, and your truck crash injuries are likely to differ from any other client’s experience. Depending on how you were hurt and the overall impact on your quality of life, you may need to seek compensation for:

  • Health care costs. Any medical expense directly related to the injury should be covered, including surgical costs, hospital stays, and outpatient treatment.
  • Missed income. This is available whether you are an hourly or a front-line employee, a salaried manager, or a self-employed business owner.
  • Non-economic damages. Pain, suffering, and lost quality of life must all be considered if your injury will have long-term effects.
  • Wrongful death. You can pursue damages from the negligent driver or trucking company if a loved one passed away in the crash.

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