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What should I do if the truck insurance company is delaying my accident claim?

Every accident has the potential to end in catastrophic injury, and semi-truck crashes are particularly severe, often leading to life-long disability and sometimes death. However, when you’re injured in a truck accident, obtaining fair compensation from the insurance company can present many challenges. Even if the semi-truck driver was clearly responsible for your accident, an insurance adjuster might continuously delay a decision, hoping you eventually agree to a reduced settlement or drop your claim altogether.

Insurance Companies Create Delays to Avoid Taking Losses

When truck insurance companies delay claims | Missouri Car Accident Lawyer

Missouri is a no-fault automobile insurance state. If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a semi-truck accident that was not your fault, the other motorist’s insurance company should be liable for your damages.

However, insurance companies are for-profit businesses, and they stay profitable by offering the least amount of compensation to accident victims. While the insurance company might have a contractual obligation to reimburse your losses, they will still do everything in their power to protect their own profit margins. The adjuster assigned to your case might be unwilling to offer an immediate settlement, or they may demand a never-ending mass of paperwork to substantiate your claim.

Often, insurance companies will simply delay negotiations, hoping you’ll be too frustrated to continue fighting for fair compensation, and you’ll accept a lower payout.

How Insurance Companies Drag Out the Claims Process

Demanding additional documentation

When you have been injured in a truck accident, the adjuster needs limited access to important documents. The adjuster might look at police reports to determine the cause of the crash and/or ask to review your medical files to verify your injuries. However, insurance companies sometimes ask for records that are difficult for ordinary people to retrieve. If a significant amount of time has passed since the accident, they might request evidence that you no longer possess, saying they cannot process your claim without it. 

Suggesting your injuries are fraudulent

Depending on the nature and circumstances of your semi-truck accident, the adjuster might suggest that you have misrepresented the extent of your injuries. When the insurance company says it needs more time to investigate and verify your version of events, it does not necessarily mean they think you are lying. Instead, the adjuster might be hoping they can find a way to devalue or deny your claim.

Acting in bad faith

Insurance companies are supposed to be objective. However, when an accident victim sustains serious injuries in a semi-truck crash, they may be entitled to hundreds of thousands of dollars—maybe even millions—in compensation. When such large amounts of money are the line, the insurer might act in bad faith, dragging out settlement negotiations without any intent of reaching an acceptable resolution.

An Attorney Can Help You Hold the Insurance Company Accountable

When you have been seriously injured in a semi-truck accident, you might need immediate relief. If the insurance company continuously delays your claim, their inaction could jeopardize not only your financial recovery but your physical well-being.

Benefits of a Missouri Attorney

  • They will investigate the cause of your semi-truck crash, gathering the evidence needed to show that the truck driver was at-fault.
  • They will analyze evidence from the accident site, including surveillance camera footage and damage to your vehicle.
  • They will interview eyewitnesses who could provide critical testimony in negotiations, arbitration, or in court.
  • They will aggressively advocate for your rights, taking the insurance company, the semi-truck driver, and their employer to court if they’re unable to reach a fair and equitable settlement.

Have You Been Injured in a Missouri Commercial Truck Accident?

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