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Can I afford a whiplash injury lawyer?

Whiplash is one the most common injuries suffered in a car accident, but it can be difficult to diagnose and treat. Because whiplash isn’t as obvious as a broken arm or leg, insurance companies are sometimes skeptical of someone claiming to suffer from this neck injury. However, whiplash can cause chronic pain, and recovery can take years.

If an insurance company refuses to provide a reasonable settlement or denies your personal injury claim, hiring a personal injury attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve. While many people think that an experienced car accident attorney is expensive, you may be surprised to learn that you will likely pay very little up front to hire legal representation.

Whiplash Injuries

Missouri Whiplash Accident Lawyer Beck & Beck

Whiplash is a form of soft-tissue injury that occurs when a person’s head is violently thrust forward and back. Rear-end collisions often result in whiplash, as the force of the sudden impact can over-extend the neck, stretching and even tearing muscle and tissue.

After a car accident, you may feel neck pain from whiplash; however, some crash victims don’t feel pain until days or weeks later. If the symptoms occur later, it doesn’t mean the whiplash injury is more serious; however, you should never ignore the pain, especially if it gets worse or causes:

  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • dizziness
  • blurred vision
  • trouble concentrating

If you were diagnosed with whiplash, you may have already spent money out of pocket for doctor visits, prescriptions, and even physical rehabilitation sessions. You should never spend your own money to recover from an accident that was not your fault. Hiring a personal injury lawyer can help you recover fair compensation for all of your damages.  

The Costs of Hiring an Automobile Accident Attorney

Many people believe it’s too expensive to hire an attorney after a car accident. However, most car accident attorneys work on a “contingency basis.” This means, your lawyer does not get paid unless you win your case. If you and the insurer reach a favorable settlement, your attorney will take a percentage as payment. While every law firm has its own contingency arrangement, Beck & Beck charges a standard fee of 33.33%.

With this type of contingency fee arrangement, there are very few upfront costs. However, you may still be responsible for specific expenses associated with your case. These can include:

  • obtaining medical records
  • obtaining the police report
  • postage
  • court filing fees
  • investigators
  • expert witnesses

Some attorneys will deduct these fees from your settlement, ensuring that you pay as little up front as possible. Others will require that these be paid as your case progresses. Any responsible car accident attorney will make sure you understand their fee arrangement before they take you on as a client. Beck & Beck, for instance, offers free, no-obligation case reviews, where we’ll discuss the nature of your claim and your options for compensation. We will never charge you money to tell your story.

Are You Suffering From Whiplash Following A Missouri Car Accident?

If you’ve been injured in a Missouri car accident and are suffering from whiplash you should speak with an experienced whiplash lawyer as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact us online or call our office directly at 314.470.4928 to schedule a free consultation. We help whiplash victims throughout the state of Missouri including Columbia, Springfield, Kansas City, St. Louis, Kirksville and Cape Girardeau.

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